What do you value most about South Australia as a place to live?

What makes South Australia a great place to live?

What are the valuable things in our State or your locality that make living here special? We want to find out so that we can learn from them and build a picture of what's great in SA - what we value about our state.

The final result of the discussions will be a South Australian Value Plan and the first step is to gather the data, so the Civic Trust is asking the public what the things are about South Australia that they value. The field is wide and the definition of value is open because we don't want to constrict people's thinking. 

To be involved or to provide support, send an email to austcivictrust@gmail.com.

Specific items can be nominated via the form things we value in our state, which uses a cut and paste approach - just download it, copy as many times as you wish, add your responses and return by email.

The nominations received so far are at SA Treaures and comments are welcome. The next step is to collate them, discuss the strategy with relevant people and authorities and develop an information base that recognises the values in our state that make it a great place to live.

Other organisations not related to the Civic Trust have also undertaken studies of values and these may be useful for further reading, for example Values and Civic Behaviour in Australia.

Note that the SA Treasures project is separate from the 2015 Awards & Brickbats program but run in conjunction with it.