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Bridging the Divide at Normanville - A creative and accessible bridge crossing that secures much-needed access for walkers and adds an appealing and aesthetic structure to enhance the community space. It has been emphatically embraced by the local community

KI Airport Upgrade - A significant game-changer for Kangaroo Island in addressing the time, ease and cost of access challenges that have previously limited high-value visitation to the Island.

Willunga Main Street - The recent redevelopment and upgrades to the main streets of Willunga illustrate a number of key approaches to design processes for urban settings like this with a highly defined character.


Mortlock Library Conservation - This included the conservation of all stone masonry, cleaning of masonry façades including biocide, stone masonry consolidation, stabilisation, plastic repairs, indents and repointing, and condition assessment and repairs of north elevation and part of east elevation masonry - and much more.

Reed House Conservation - This building had been constructed in the 1870s-80s and reflects the design, details and building materials commonly in use at that time. However it had fallen into a state of disrepair, with significant water damage to the timber and cast iron elements.

Darling Building - Now 102 years old, this former derelict building has been resurrected after 20 years of vacancy and neglect while holding to the principles with which it was originally designed. 


Boolcoomatta Reserve - Economic stimulation of this reserve north of Mingary, near the NSW border, has been achieved through enhanced accommodation, 4-wheel drive tracks, a basic campground and increased interpretation of the indigenous culture beyond the conditions of the conservation listing.


Acquisition of land under Airport flight path - There is a growing need for the current Airport owners to acquire land at the end of the runways as it becomes available and to include such intention in the Masterplan, particularly as flights are increasing and the eventual cost of doing so is likely to continue to escalate.

Land Bank - In the 1980s/90s, Adelaide City Council was aware of the problems of speculation in land and instigated several measures to curb the gaps in the streetscape, including establishing a land-bank for development, Instigating transferable plot ratios, requiring a bond for completion and not allowing demolition until development was about to commence. This should be considered for reintroduction.


Land for Bike Lanes - Despite a great improvement in bicycle infrastructure since the early 1990s, bicycle lanes, especially on main roads and particularly painted lanes, are still notorious for ending at a most vulnerable point, such as an intersection approach or departure. Opportunities to address these issues have not been taken when land is redeveloped but they should be.