Water Action Coalition (WAC) - A Sustainable Water Future

without compromising the health of interdependent ecosystems


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Community Water Summit Alan Scott Auditorium, Hawke Building University of South Australia, City West Campus 14 March 2009 Photograph: Fernando Gonzales


The mission of WAC is to ensure a sustainable water future for South Australia. A future that ensures an equitable use of all water resources that does not compromise the health of interdependent ecosystems for future generations. To achieve these outcomes WAC will forcefully lobby and organise events to publicly advocate for water in all its forms to remain the common property of Australia and its ecosystems. WAC will vigorously pursue legislation by all Parliaments that will:

  • Secure all water in its rivers, streams and groundwater as the common property of Australia, to be managed for the common good and not traded as a profitable commodity.
  • Campaign against the commercial exploitation of water through the conversion of water entitlements and licenses to tradeable commodities.
  • Deliver viable water supply and reuse systems to all communities, city and country, without harm to interdependent ecosystems and the community.
  • Ensure that water ismanaged efficiently and effectively for community use today and conserved for future generations.
  • Respect Aboriginal knowledge of water conservation and healthy water systems, its importance toAustralia's oldest culture, environment and to modern water management.

Download WAC's Charter for a copy of the mission and aims of the movement and WAC's discussion paper A United Call for Action.

  Maude Barlow (pink dress)with members and friends of Cheltenham Park Resident's Association 4thApril 2009. Photograph: John Caldecott


  Our Water Our Rights Rally 10th October 2009. Community groups from across the state converge on the steps of Parliament House Adelaide to voice their concerns about current water policy.

WAC's Brochure provides details of the organisations involved with the WAC movement either as members of the Coordination Committee, Supporting Organisations or Honorary Reference Group.

For details of WAC's past events, since its inception in 2009, download WAC's Achievements document.

WAC also welcomes inquiries from organisations and individuals who believe they can help in some way.