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Nomination period for 2019 now open

The nomination period for 2019 is now open - see Notes for nominators and Nomination form for details. Nominations close at 5pm Friday 6th September 2019. Address:

Lost Cinemas tour sold out

The Civic Trust's tour of Lost Cinemas of Rundle and Hindley Streets in April/May, part of the History Festival (, has sold out but we are looking at further options for prospective participants. Please email for further information.

2018 citations now available

Following a successful presentation ceremony in Parliament House on 7 Nov, the citations are now available.

2018 People's Choice now open

The 2018 People's Choice is now open - closing 5pm, 2 November 2018. Selection is from the main menu (note it uses surveymonkey, which has cookies to allow only one selection per PC).

2018 program now open

The 2018 program is now open. See for details.

2017 Judging complete

The judging of the nominations for the 2017 program is now complete and hard copies of the citations are available (email

People Choice open till 24/10

The 2017 People's Choice is now open (closes Tuesday 24 October 2017). See announcement by The City (Messenger Press) on 11/10 at: Click 2017 People's Choice to register your vote.

2017 People's Choice announced

The 2017 People's Choice is now open - announced by The City (Messenger Press) on 11/10: Click 2017 People's Choice to register your vote.

Nomination period extended

Last chance for late entries: The nomination period for the 2017 Awards & Brickbats program has been extended to 5pm Friday 15 September. See the nomination form and guidelines for details.

2017 nomination period now open

The nomination period for 2017 is now open (closing on 1 August 2017). See the nomination form and guidelines.

Presentation photos

The final results of the 2016 Civic Review were announced and the awards presented in the Old Chamber of Parliament House on 24th October 2016. They were published in hard copy and on-line.

2016 Civic Review complete

The 2016 Civic Review is now complete. The final results were announced in the Old Chamber of Parliament House on 24th October 2016 and published in hard copy and on-line.

People's Choice now closed

The 2016 People's Choice is now closed. The presentation ceremony will be in Parliament House at 2.30pm on Monday 24 October 2016.

2016 People's Choice

The 2016 People's Choice is now open,as announced in The Advertiser. When checking the categories in the website, note the instructions at the top of the page.

2016 Review

The nomination period for 2016 is now open. See the nomination form and guidelines.

Awards presentations

The awards for 2015 were presented by Ms Vickie Chapman MP on Friday 11 December 2015 and the photos are on this website. The citations are available in hard copy (email and electronically.

2015 Results

The results of the 2015 program are now available in hard copy and electronically.

2015 People's Choice

The 2015 People's Choice is now open (ref The Advertiser 1/12/15 Business Journal p29).

Awards announcements

The winners of the Awards for 2015, plus the Risks and Opportunities, will be announced at Parliament House on 11 December 2015.

SA Treasures nominations now in

The SA Treasures nominations are now in.

2015 Nominations for Awards Now Open & Identifying the things we value in our state

The nomination form and supporting notes for nominating projects for 2015 are now available. See Awards & Brickbats for further details.

Plus a new program for nominating the things we value in South Australia at A Great Place to Live.

Nominating for Awards - Preview

The official launch for the 2015 program will be in The Advertiser in mid June but the nomination form and supporting notes are now available in advance. See Awards & Brickbats for further details.

2014 Awards Announced

The awards ceremony was held from 2.30-4.00pm in the Old Chamber of Parliament House, North Terrace, on 8th December 2014, followed by a tour of the additions to the building by our host Vickie Chapman MP. See for the presentation photos. The citations are also available (email for a hard copy). Plaques are available on request.

2014 Awards & Brickbats People's Choice

The  call for votes in the 2014 People's Choice was published in The Advertiser page 14 and AdelaideNow on Monday 24th November 2014. See for the project descriptions.

2014 Awards & Brickbats Program Now Open

The 2014 Awards & Brickbats program is now open - see the nomination form, notes and flyers showing some previous urbanenvironmental and social projects.

Two new developments for SA

(Refer EDO Bulletin 20/3/14 no. 5 of 2014):

The Minister for Planning, John Rau, has exercised his powers to declare two proposed golf courses in different parts of the state to be ‘major developments’ under s 46 of theDevelopment approvals process. The declarations were made with little fanfare in the Government Gazette, and do not appear to have been flagged more broadly. Act 1993. Such declarations remove developments considered to be of “major environmental, social or economic importance” from the standardDevelopment Act

The declarations provide only obscure Certificate of Title folio numbers to describe the locations of these two golf courses, however it can be reasoned from the limited information available that one is to be located adjacent to Pennington Bay on Kangaroo Island, whilst the other appears to be a tourism development near to, or encompassing, the existing Robe Golf Course.

Both developments will involve significant tourism facilities and infrastructure, including desalination plants for both facilities, and a heli-pad at the Kangaroo Island location.

Neither development is yet to be listed on the government’s ‘Major Developments’ web page.

Awards announced

A very successful 2013 Awards Ceremony was held in the Balcony Room in Parliament House on 10th December, hosted by the Hon Dr Bob Such MP. See the citations and photos of the presentations.

Awards ceremony: 10 December 2013

The 2013 Awards Ceremony will be in the Balcony Room in Parliament House on 10th December. Morning tea is at 10.30am, with the ceremony from 11.00am to 1.00pm. For a review of the local nominations, see The Advertiser of 11 November 2013, page 12, which is repeated in AdelaideNow. Project details are at

People's Choice now open

The 2013 People's Choice is now open (closes COB 18 November). See The Advertiser of 11 November 2013, page 12 and AdelaideNow for the on-line article and the voting. Project details are at

2013 Review Now Open

The 2013 Review, encompassing Awards, Brickbats, Risks and Opportunities, is now open. See nomination form in Word (preferred), a hard copy of the form and the Nomination Form Notes.

Report in AdelaideNow

23 Nov 2012: A report on the Awards presentations was published in The Advertiser on 23 November (p33) and in AdelaideNow See also the 2012 Citations Booklet (contents) and for further links.

Another interesting article that we can't let pass by: a very interesting webpage appeared in AdelaideNow at about the same time regarding the new Then and Now book.

Citations now available

The 2012 program is now complete and the 2012 Citations Booklet (contents) is available, including both the People's Choice results and the conclusions of the jury. See also for further links.

Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony will be at 11am on Wednesday 21 November in the Balcony Room of Parliament House. Email for further details.

The People's Choice segment was launched in The Advertiser on Tuesday 16 October and in AdelaideNow with a hotlink back to the Civic Trust website for further information on the projects. There is also a running total of the voting, with comments, which was collated on Monday 29/10/12.

People's Choice

The People's Choice article was launched in The Advertiser on Tuesday 16/10/12. It's  also in AdelaideNow with a hotlink back to the Civic Trust website for further information on the projects. There is also a running total of the voting, which will be collated at COB on Monday 29/10/12.

Make sure you add your comments!

2012 People's Choice - The Advertiser, Tuesday 16 October

The People's Choice article was launched in The Advertiser on Tuesday 16/10/12. It's  also in AdelaideNow at with a hotlink back to the Civic Trust website at for further information on the projects.

A running total of the voting is at

Make sure you add your comments!

2012 People's Choice

The Advertiser has scheduled the People's Choice article for Monday 15/10/12. It will also be in AdelaideNow at the same time with a hotlink to for further information on the projects.

Urban consolidation

See the latest article by Kevin O'Leary on urban consolidation at  

2012 Program now open: Looking to the Future

The 2012 Awards & Brickbats program, extended to include Risks & Opportunities, is now open. Now we're looking into the future as well as the present. See the Nomination Form, Supporting Notes, Flyer, Advertiser article and Media Release.

WAC Draft Submission to the Proposed Basin Plan

Proposed Basin Plan - Draft Detailed Review of the Proposed Basin Plan (PBP), which was released by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) in November 2011. The public consultation period with respect to this proposal closes on the 16th April 2011. WAC is performing a detailed review of all 12 chapters of the PBP, and is releasing work-in-progress drafts of this review to assist WAC supporters, interested parties and the public of South Australia to understand the content and wide-ranging implications of the PBP, particularly from a South Australian perspective.

Community should come first

Our article on planning has been published in The Advertiser on Saturday 14/1, p70 and in AdelaideNow at

New planning needed

The Advertiser, 21 Dec 2011 - see Kevin O'Leary's article on the need for a new approach to planning, plus 10 steps for public consultation,

Draft Basin Plan released

The Murray-Darling Draft Basin Plan has now been released ( but it has basic flaws such as ignoring not only inefficient practices (see, for example, sa-shows-the-way) but also agreed scientific findings.

Community Alliance South Australia formed

Community Alliance SA, an independent group of community organisations, has been established for legislative change and the coordination of community groups. Click on Public Consultation (main menu) for more information.

Interview with Ian Henschke on 891

On 15 November at 10.07am Ian Henschke interviewed John Rau and Darian Hiles on ABC891 about the 30-Year Plan and the Civic Trust's Brickbat.

2011 Citations

The 2011 Awards & Brickbats citations are now available.

Awards & Brickbats Ceremony

A successful ceremony was had by all on 10/11/11. See follow-up in the Advertiser on Friday 11/11/11, InDaily and in AdelaideNow at

Vote now!

The People's Choice is now open in AdelaideNow: place your votes, add comments and continue the discussion. See the nomination descriptions for further information. Also check Facebook (search for Australian Civic Trust) for more discussion.

People's Choice launch

The People's Choice will be launched in The Advertiser on Saturday 29 October and the voting will be in Check the article, go into AdelaideNow, place your votes, add comments and continue the discussion. It will also be on Facebook (search for Australian Civic Trust).

Awards & Brickbats presentations

The Awards & Brickbats ceremony for 2011 will be in the Balcony Room, Parliament House from 3-5pm on Thursday 10th November. Please email if you wish to attend.

Reclaim control of our future

Media Release, Flyer and AdelaideNow 21 June 2011 and 3 Aug 2011.

WAC Forum: 18th May

WAC Forum: Privatisation: The Cost of Water Reform? 18 May 2011 + Brochure

Awards & Brickbats 2011

Awards & Brickbats: The 2011 program is now open. See Awards & Brickbats for details.

Awards & Brickbats 2010

The winning projects and their descriptions are now available in the 2010 Review. The winners:

  • Hugh Stretton Award for Innovation in Residential Development: Housing SA (Ifould Street, Inspire at Noarlunga Centre, Salisbury North Urban Improvement Project, Affordable Homes Program).
  • Australian Civic Trust Award for Political Reform: Robert Oakeshott, Bob Katter and Tony Windsor.
  • Ian MacDonald Award: Conservation of the Beresford Arms Inn.
  • Award: Seaford MFS Fire Station
  • Award: Kingston Street Bridge, Burra
  • Award: Santos Museum of Economic Botany, External Conservation
  • Award: Colebrook Reconciliation Project
  • Award: Saving the Clipper Ship "City of Adelaide"
  • Award: JusticeNet SA
  • Award: Clunes Back to Booktown (Victoria)
  • Award: Beyond Today Residential Land Development
  • Award: Affordable Housing, 18-22 Chapman Road Mansfield Park
  • Commendation: New Headquarters for Options Wine Merchants
  • Commendation: Jerilderie Letter Event (NSW)

The Brickbats:

  • Brickbat: Lack of Coherent Transport Planning in South Australia
  • A Disgrace: State Government DPA Process for Mt Barker - an extreme brickbat for its undermining of both the environment and progress in the development industry.


Awards & Brickbats Ceremony

Tuesday 23 November from 3pm at Old Parliament House, North Terrace. Enter through the main entrance to Parliament House (arrival at 2.30pm is recommended to allow for security). RSVP 18 November (

The People's Choice is now open (to 2 Nov)

See The Advertiser 30 October 2010, p22 for details. The voting and comment pages are in AdelaideNow at Descriptions of the projects are at the bottom of the screen under Related Coverage (download People's Choice nominations - details). You can also add comments after you have voted.

Awards & Brickbats: 2010

The 2010 Awards & Brickbats program is now open. See Awards & Brickbats for details.

Gulf Troubled Waters Forum 7 March

See Water Action Coalition - Events

New Submissions page

New Submissions page created under the Water Action Coalition link.

Desalination Plant objections period open

The license application for Adelaide's desalination plant is now open for publlic consultation ( The deadline for objections is 10 February 2010.

WAC's Proposal in the Legislative Council

Hon Mark Parnell MLC moves WAC's proposal for a public inquiry into water management

Terms of Reference for a Public Inquiry

MDB terms of reference and article by John Caldecott, plus WAC's Open Letter to all SA MLCs detailing the Terms of Reference for a Public Inquiry into the management of water and the environment.

Awards & Brickbats and Torrens Lake Presentation

Torrens Lake presentation and report of awards ceremony on AdelaideNow:,22606,26400915-2682,00.html - see Awards & Brickbats for the results.

Invitation: Awards & Brickbats ceremony

Annual Awards & Brickbats Ceremony - Old Parliament House, Wednesday 25 November at 3.30pm (recommended arrival: 3.00pm). Click on Contact to register.

WAC open letter to premier

WAC Open Letter to Premier

Water rally at Parliament House: 10 Oct 2009

Successful WAC Rally

WAC Launch 19 July

The Water Action Coalition will be launched on 19 July - see Water Action for details

2009 Awards & Brickbats Open

The 2009 Awards & Brickbats program is now open. Click on AWARDS & BRICKBATS to download the nomination form.

2008 Awards & Brickbats

Nominations for the 2008 Awards & Brickbats are now being received (closes 30 August 2008).


Awards Ceremony: 3.30pm Friday 26 October

Note that the Awards & Brickbats presentation ceremony is in Old Parliament House North Terrace (enter Parliament House main entrance) at 3.30pm for 4.00pm on Friday 26th October (not the date originally on the nomination form). Please RSVP by Thursday 25 October to avoid queues at Security.

Correction to early edition of Advertiser on 16 Oct 2007

Some people may have received an early edition of The Advertiser on Tuesday 16 October which had a misprint on the first page regarding building in the parklands. This was corrected in later editions on that day.
The concept put forward by the Civic Trust on page 4 clearly separates the parklands from any building projects and even from hard surface sports by proposing that the parklands be reserved for soft-surface sports while hard-surface sports are encouraged in other areas such as within and above the rail yards area at Keswick and Mile End South.
This creates the best of both worlds by maintaining the parklands as Adelaide's world-renowned natural recreation area and dedicating a special area outside and west of the parklands to hard surface activities. The suggested layout would also enhance access by western suburbs residents to the parklands.

People's Choice - AdelaideNow

The voting for the People's Choice award is still on the site but has shifted from Latest... to the horizontal banner of news items (scroll down once). As of 12 noon on 16/10 the People's Choice is the first item but new news items are entered from the left so it will gradually move to the right along the banner.

Alternatively, just enter Civic Trust into Google. An international search will bring up the AdelaideNow voting at about the sixth item.

Public Vision - Publication of First Stage

The first stage of the Public Vision is now complete and focusses on the west side of the city. It will be published in The Advertiser on Tuesday 16 October 2007.

Many thanks to all those who contributed, both through the website and personally.

People's Choice

The People's Choice was launched in The Advertiser of 13/10/07, p33 and is now open.

To vote, enter the website As of Saturday 13 October see LATEST... on the homepage and click through the images until you find the CIVIC TRUST AWARDS. Then click on Vote for your favourite. One vote is allowed for each category.

Note the location of the voting may evolve as other news comes onto the site.

The Public Vision in September

Public Vision Sep 07 has been created by incorporating the responses during August into a new set of discussion points, starting with Infrastructure. Any replies not incorporated in the main headings will be copied across separately.

Please check the new list. Comments are strongly encouraged and may be made as replies to the discussion points (remember to press Submit) or as email responses.

Recent Media

Recent media events include:

*    Sat 14 Jul: Advertiser p45, Tim Lloyd - "How do you see the City of Adelaide evolving?"

*    Wed 25 Jul, 12.10pm - 12.18pm: 1395 AM - 5AA Mornings with Leon Byner - live interview.

*    Tue 31 Jul, 1.45pm - 1.56pm: 891 AM - 891 ABC Afternoons with Carole Whitelock - live interview.

The Public Vision in August

Public Vision Aug 07 has been created by incorporating the responses during July into a new set of discussion points and copying any additional items across as replies.

Please check the new list. Comments are most welcome as we need general feedback as well as specific responses to the discussion points.

Motor racing in Victoria Park?

The replies have been neck & neck while this question has been up and as of 1 August the responses are exactly 50/50.

Public Vision for August

The discussion points for the Public Vision are currently being updated for comment during August.

Please visit the new discussion after 10am on 1 August.

Public Vision Updates

The Public Vision is a dynamic document and will be reviewed and republished once a month on the basis of the responses received and any new information.

The current Version 1 in July is the basic data-gathering phase with a wide range of initial topics listed for comments. This phase closes at 10am on 31 July.

Version 2, opening at 10 am on 1 August, will be a redraft of the discussion points on the basis of the replies.

The same process will occur at the beginning of September and October as we gradually focus on clear and succinct statements of the vision.

These updates may involve significant changes to the content and format, so please mark your diaries to recheck the status at these times.

Owner promotion of nominated projects for People's Choice

The Civic Trust is now offering public notification for nominators/owners who wish to give associated public presentations or tours of their projects.

These activities will be the total responsibility of the owner and no responsibility or endorsement of any kind of the project itself is to be ascribed to the Civic Trust.

The aim is for members of the public to become more aware of the projects being considered for the People's Choice awards so that they are better informed when voting for the awards.

If any project owners wish to take advantage of this opportunity, please respond and we will discuss the best approach for that project.

An advice page will be set up on this website notifying the contact details for the project owners who wish to undertake these activities.

Media Launch of Public Vision

It must be Public Independence Day. The media launch of the Public Vision was sent out today. Click on PUBLIC VISION to see how the public can build a coordinated vision for the future.

Initial discussion points for each category

The full list of discussion points is now in PUBLIC VISION:

  • FORUM gives an overview listing all discussion points and replies.
  • Infrastructure, Human Wellbeing and Environmental Sustainability contain the basic discussion points specific to each category.

Infrastructure discussion

A number of the main areas of infrastructure have been listed under PUBLIC VISION (see PUBLIC PROJECTS). These are Community wellbeing, Transport, Water, Energy, Broadband and Parklands. The initial recommended policies are listed for each.

Please check and add any further notes. We can gather the basic information in this way and will gradually consolidate the main points by consensus, with actual meetings as necessary.

Anyone may add comments but if someone new wants to be involved personally, please advise through the Contact form.

The Public's Civic Vision

An independent public vision for the civic environment is being developed by the Civic Trust through community suggestions and responses by panels in the subject areas.

See PUBLIC VISION (under PUBLIC PROJECTS) for the discussion papers and to add your comments.

The discusion papers will evolve as the debate progresses. The aim is to pass the conclusions to the State Strategic Planning Team at the end of October for their consideration.

Infrastructure - A Vision for Adelaide

A new article on some of the infrastructure requirements in Adelaide is in Public Projects, Infrastructure.

Please check and respond on what you believe are our needs in infrastructure.

Human Wellbeing Index

A discussion paper describing an Australian Human Wellbeing Index has been added to the Human Wellbeing page in Public Projects.

Comments are welcome.


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